I’ve been writing code for close to 20 years and leading engineering teams for the last eight, most recently as CTO of Toggl, where I’ve worked remote-first for over eight years.

I’m passionate about the application of software engineering principles, leadership, and sharing what I’ve learned with others.

My approach to creating software focusses on delivering value to the company and customers through high-quality delivery at a fast and sustained velocity using agile principles and empowerment of teams to make good decisions independently. I teach engineers how to own their work in collaboration with other experts and stakeholders and create high-quality solutions without over-engineering.

As a leader, I emphasise ownership, relationships, focussing on the team and company mission and achieving alignment and success through a deep understanding of it. I teach leaders how to motivate and empower their teams while developing and implementing impactful strategies.

I teach through presentations, talks, workshops, and individual mentoring and coaching of engineering leaders and engineers.

Are you or your team looking to improve your leadership skills, engineering culture, remote culture or technical skills? Feel free to reach out to discuss how we can work together.

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